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eBPF Case Studies

Here are some of the organizations that are using eBPF in production. If you’re using eBPF and aren’t on this list, please submit a pull request.

  • Google

    Google uses eBPF for security auditing, packet processing, and performance monitoring

  • Netflix

    Netflix uses eBPF at scale for network insights

  • Android

    Android uses eBPF to monitor network usage, power, and memory profiling

  • S&P Global

    S&P Global uses eBPF through Cilium for networking across multiple clouds and on-prem

  • Shopify

    Shopify uses eBPF through Falco for intrusion detection

  • Cloudflare

    Cloudflare uses eBPF for network security, performance monitoring, and network observability

  • Microsoft

    Microsot uses eBPF to enhance the observability and inspection of processes within Kubernetes

  • Samsung

    Samsung uses eBPF in their android devices for networking

  • Ikea

    Ikea uses eBPF through Cilium for networking and load balancing in their private cloud

  • Apple

    Apple uses eBPF through Falco for kernel security monitoring

  • Meta

    Meta uses eBPF to process and load balance every packet coming into their data centers

  • DoorDash

    DoorDash uses eBPF through BPFAgent for kernel level monitoring

  • Datadog

    Datadog uses eBPF for networking and security in their SaaS product

  • Alibaba

    Alibaba uses eBPF through Cilium to provide networking in their cloud

  • Red Hat

    Red Hat uses eBPF at scale for load balancing and tracing in their private cloud

  • Isovalent

    eBPF is the technlogy that powers Isovalent's enterpise networking, observability and security solutions

  • Seznam

    Seznam uses eBPF for load balancing

  • Trip.com

    Trip.com uses eBPF for load balancing

  • Bell

    Bell Canada uses eBPF to moderize telco networking with SRv6

  • Wildlife Studios

    Wildlife Studios uses eBPF through Cilium for high performance game networking

  • Capital One

    Capital One uses eBPF to secure their cloud infrastructure

  • Sky

    Sky uses eBPF through Cilium for cloud networking

  • Walmart

    Walmart uses eBPF for edge cloud load balancing

  • Palantir

    Palantir uses eBPF to debug networking problems

  • Cruise

    Cruise uses eBPF to monitor GPU performance

  • Digital Ocean

    Digital Ocean uses eBPF to monitor GPU performance

  • Yahoo

    Yahoo uses eBPF for load balancing and performance analysis

  • Bytedance

    Bytedance uses eBPF for system tracing

  • F5

    F5 BIG-IP integration with Cilium VTEP feature

  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn uses eBPF for Infrastructure Observability

  • The New York Times

    The New York Times uses eBPF for networking

  • SentinelOne

    SentinelOne uses eBPF to detect and to respond to runtime threats like ransomware and zero-day exploits in real time.

  • Aqua Security

    Aqua Security uses eBPF to handle runtime detection and forensics

  • Oligo Security

    Oligo Security uses eBPF for application security observability and protection

  • Akita

    Akita uses eBPF at scale for API observability

  • groundcover

    groundcover uses eBPF to instantly monitor application performance in cloud native environments, at any scale.

  • Line Coporation

    Line Corporation uses eBPF at scale for load balancing and tracing in their private cloud

  • Exein

    Exein uses eBPF in their open source runtime security framework for IoT

  • Ant Group

    Ant Group uses eBPF in their cloud native security platform for vulnerability live-patching, and system anomaly detection

  • Sysdig

    Sysdig uses eBPF to enable high-performance system call tracing, facilitate container-aware troubleshooting, conduct security auditing, and provide rich insights and data from the kernel

  • Kodem

    Kodem uses eBPF for application visibilty and runtime intelligence

  • Cycode

    Cycode uses eBPF for CI/CD security

  • Wiz

    Wiz uses eBPF to provide real-time threat detection and monitoring within cloud workloads

  • Core Tech

    Core Tech uses eBPF to filter out unwanted traffic and mitigate DDoS attacks

  • FlowSecurity

    Flow Security uses eBPF technology to analyze data in motion for data discovery, classification, risk management, and data violation detection and response

  • Helios

    Helios uses eBPF in their runtime analysis tool for observability and security