The Evolution Of The Eyebag

It has happened to almost everyone to wake up with puffy or dark skin around the eyes. This condition is often a reason for inconvenience and anxiety. Eye bags and dark circles can change the overall appearance and make your face look older, tired, and even sickly. They can be very annoying and may have a negative effect on your self-esteem. You may often wonder what is the reason for their appearance and how to protect yourself from them? Bags under your eyes are much more than a problem affecting your appearance. We usually associate bags with fatigue, but this puffiness can be a sign of any diseases or they can be heredity. Bags are also an indicator of how well your organs are functioning.

What is the difference between bags and dark circles under the eyes?

Bags and dark circles under the eyes are often confused. You can have dark circles without bags under the eyes. While eye bags are a sign of fluid retention under the eye, dark circles do not mean that your skin is getting darker, rather it means it is getting thinner. The blood vessels can be visible and that makes the skin in the eye area looks darker.

Dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles are not always associated with shortness of sleep and fatigue. The main causes of the darker skin tone on the lower eyelids can be divided into three categories: lifestyle choices, nutritional deficiencies, and dehydration. Dark circles under the eyes can be a sign of anaemia, and deficiency of iron, vitamin C, and vitamin A.

Dark circles sometimes are hereditary. The cause may be in nearby capillaries under the surface of the skin, whose layer is thin and oily. In this case, the pigmentation will be permanent. Fortunately, modern cosmetics offer eye cream, foundation, and powder that might hide the shadows. Cosmetic clinics may help with various treatment methods such as mesotherapy, laser correction, fillers, or eyelid surgery.

Puffy eyes (swollen eyes)

The most common cause of swollen eyes and swollen eye bags is lack of sleep or stress. Relaxation is one of the simplest remedies for improving the skin around your eyes. Someone with puffy eyes may also have an infection (irritation, inflammation, allergies). Puffiness is often a short term problem, but it sometimes can turn into a long-term threat to eye health.

If you have a minimal amount of puffiness, you can still get away with placing fillers. What is interesting is, a lot of times, people really over-interpret what they consider as a minimal amount of puffiness. many people who have very large bags under the eyes, go to clinics and ask can they put filler to deal with hollows. But you should understand what the puffiness is which is for your information is lower eyelid fat prolapse which means the fat around the eyes pushes forward and creates a bulge and that bulge acts like a mountain which makes the adjacent area look hollow. If the puffiness is too big then the under eye hollow can’t be improved with filler.

An interesting fact about swollen eyes: During the day your tears normally wash across the eye and the tears contain a number of chemicals that are helpful for infection and inflammation. When you are sleeping these chemicals don’t move across the tear film well, they tend to stagnate in the eye and all those chemicals that are normally helpful build up during the evening and when you get up in the morning the eyes are red and they are puffy. It is normally a temporary condition. After a few hours, the puffiness and redness tend to go away.

Bags under the eyes

Bags under the eyes usually are caused by a combination of skin laxity and fat herniation. They can be a result of puffiness, dark circles, or just shadows. Almost everyone considers them unattractive and would like just as soon as possible to get rid of them. Eye bags may appear even in young people due to their active social lives, late hours, and use of alcohol.

Completely getting rid of bags under the eyes is possible only with eyelid surgery where excess fat is removed. Some well-known home remedies can help reduce eye bags – cold compress, cucumber slices, or chilled spoon. However, these are just temporary solutions. Fillers also may help raise the skin in the eye area and make the eye bag less visible.

Different Stages of Eye bags

type 1 - stages of eye bags
Type 1

This image shows the first stage of the formation of an eyebag. Mild fats have accumulated under the eyes although, at this level, they are not prominent but are noticeable if you look upwards. You should consider selfie sticks and looking upwards for any and all future photos.

type 2 - stages of eye bags
Type 2

This picture shows the extent to which the eyebags can expand to. At this juncture, it is noticeable that the gathered fats have formed prominent semi-circles under the eyes giving the appearance of tired eyes.

type 3 - stages of eye bags
Type 3

By this point, huge quantities of fatty tissue have taken up more space under the eyes. The protruding skin is now extremely prominent and makes the rest of the face look aged, drawn and haggard. Makeup can do wonders but I’m sure this is one miracle that even makeup won’t be able to conceal any time soon.

Did you know?

While researching for this blog entry, (I do the research so you don’t have to, you’re welcome!) I stumbled across some beauty pageant blog entries that made me sit up and take notice. Lo and behold! Some ladies had actually gone under the knife. Mrs Singapore World 2015’s First Runner Up, Diana Ong had gone for the Scarless Eyebag Removal procedure too.

The differences between the ‘before and after’ images were quite remarkable; the before photos showed visible bags even though she must have tried to skilfully apply concealer but the post-surgery photos revealed flawless skin under her eyes. I would have thought she had hit the beauty jackpot, not just a beauty competition if she had not spilt the beans about her surgery with Dr Shens in a blog post.

If you’re not sold yet, check out her blog here: – The Eyebag Removal Procedure.

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