woman trying avocado for home remedy swollen eye bags

Swollen Eye Bag – Symptoms, Causes, How To Reduce Them, Treatment

Swollen eye bags under eyes are a quite common problem among modern people, regardless of age and gender. And although they are usually not a sign of age, the presence of puffy eyes makes the face look tired and older. Not to mention that the constant stretching of the delicate skin around the eyes leads to irreparable consequences. The downside of this condition is that it is difficult to cover up, even with tons of makeup. That is why you should treat swollen eyes – the sooner the better!

In the next sections of this article, you will find information about what causes swelling around the eyes, what are the symptoms and how to get rid of this unpleasant condition – home remedies, medications and surgical treatment. Take a look!

Why is my eye bag swollen: causes

purse eyebagSwelling around the eyes may occur for a variety of reasons, from fatigue to insomnia and stress. Here are some of the most common causes of puffy eyes:

  • Fluid retention (periorbital edema). Swollen lower eyelids are usually formed by fluid retention which also goes by the name periorbital edema. This may be due to an unhealthy lifestyle, sensitive skin or a medical problem such as kidney problems or allergies. The skin around your eyes is really thin and with age and time, the tissues around the eyes thin further. Also, the little muscle around your eyes start to weaken and the fat that supports the eyes can drift down to the lower eyelid giving the look of puffy under eyes. Excess fluid can also pool around these thinned tissues and may cause puffy eyes.
  • Bad habits. Habits make a huge difference in swollen lower eyelids. Some habits that contribute to eye swelling include bad diet, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, etc. Lack of sleep is also a common cause of puffy eyes as well as dark circles.
  • Dehydration. When you are not sleeping well and when you are fatigued you also become dehydrated and dehydration can result in water retention that again is going to show up around your eyes in the form of swelling. In addition, dehydration may lead to dark circles.
  • Salty food. Eating too much salty food almost always causes fluid retention, especially around the eye. Eyelids are usually the first area where a salty meal shows up.
  • Allergies. A big contributing factor in swollen eyes is seasonal allergies. Anything that increases tear production, watery eyes is going to lead to fluid accumulation in those spaces around the eyes. And when you have an allergy you tend to rub your eyes more and this can bring in even more buildup of fluid and cause more irritation that can really exacerbate that swollen under-eye area and cause issues. Also, some cosmetics and makeup that are used around the eyes can trigger eye allergies, infection and eye swelling.
  • Eye infection and inflammation, eye injury and some health conditions may also cause swelling and eye puffiness. Condition like pink eye (conjunctivitis) is a sure cause of puffiness, inflammation and itching. Some thyroid problems and abnormalities of the thyroid gland can also lead to swollen eyes and fluid retention. The condition is known as thyroid eye disease. Swollen eyes can be also a symptom of eye disease. A serious condition that may require emergency treatment is the so-called periorbital cellulitis. It is usually caused by inflammation and infection and can lead to periorbital edema.

Swollen eye bags symptoms

Symptoms bags around the eyes are presented as puffiness and swelling on the lower eyelids. Some of the other signs of swollen eye bags may include burning sensation, bruising, itching as well as eye discolouration. People who suffer from allergy may also have irritation, infection, red and itchy eyes.

Eye puffiness is often a short term problem, but under certain circumvents, it can turn into a long term threat to eye health. If you are experiencing eye pain or eye discharge along with puffiness you need to check with your doctor for medical advice and appropriate treatment method.

How do you treat swollen eye bags: medications and surgical treatment

eye bag

Discuss your symptoms with an eye doctor and undergo an eye examination, so that your condition can be treated appropriately. Periorbital edema may require special treatment.

Sometimes antibiotic eye lotions and eye drops, over the counter solutions, antihistamine tablets may be a good treatment option. However, be sure to talk to your doctor about possible side effects.

If home remedies and medications don’t work you may want to consider lower eyelid surgery. This operation is called lower blepharoplasty and includes removing or moving of the excess fat, skin and muscle in the eyelids. Lower blepharoplasty is the go-to eye bag removal surgery in Singapore. It smoothes the eyelid and restores the youthful appearance of the eyes. The outcomes are usually long-lasting.

How to reduce swollen eye bags: home remedies

woman trying avocado for home remedy swollen eye bags

As long as the swelling is not caused by allergic reactions or health problems, you can deal with eye puffiness with some home remedies. When puffy eyes are present, it is obviously too late for preventive measures, so we will focus on the most successful 10-minute methods that may help reduce puffiness around the eye. In this regard, we miss some classics methods such as grated potatoes and egg whites – hardly anyone has time for this early in the morning.

  • Tea bags. This is an old tried and tested swollen eye bags remedy and treatment method. Whether the tea is green or black it does not matter much, both types contain caffeine, which constricts blood vessels and reduces puffiness. Soak two tea bags in hot water for 3-5 minutes, cool them in the refrigerator and make an eye compress with them. You can prepare them from the night before.
  • Ice cubes. Applying a cold compress on the eye area reduces blood flow and lessens swelling and inflammation. Even just ice cubes will work for you, but if you want, you can prepare ice cubes with green tea for a better effect. Keep them in the freezer so that they are always ready when you need.
  • Cold teaspoons. Cool 4-6 teaspoons in the refrigerator or freezer. Lie down and place a spoon on each eyelid. As they warm up, replace them with cold ones from the fridge.
  • Cucumber slices. Cucumbers have a tightening effect, so you can make an eye compress with two circles of chilled cucumber for ten minutes.
  • Skincare products against puffiness. Some cosmetic products can help you to reduce the swelling under your eyes. Usually, gels are more suitable than eye creams. Look for products with natural ingredients. Keep eye gel in the refrigerator, especially in the summer – when it is cold, it works even better.
  • Neti pot. In case your lower eyelids are swollen because of allergy you may try this device. It is usually used as a treatment for sinus infections as well as nasal allergies.

Many people claim that haemorrhoid creams can improve the skin and reduce the appearance of puffy eyes. However, there is not much evidence saying that haemorrhoid cream really helps in the treatment of swelling in the area around the eyes. Furthermore, some of these products may cause different skin problems

What else can you do about swollen eye bags?

If you want to get rid of this unpleasant condition, first of all, make sure you manage your lifestyle factors. Make sure you are getting really good quality sleep. Swollen eye bags can be caused by insomnia and fatigue. However, often puffiness occurs after prolonged sleep. This is because it is not only important how much time you sleep but also what is the quality of it. Restless sleeping, frequent waking up and falling asleep again, can guarantee you puffiness under the eyes in the morning. So take measures to ensure your good sleep. Everyone knows that lack of sleep and fatigue has a negative effect on the delicate skin around the eyes.

Another thing you might do is to try tracking your meals for a while with the purpose of tracking your sodium consumption. You will be surprised how much you are unaware of sodium consumption especially if you eat a lot of snack foods and processed foods. So it might be beneficial to you if you change your diet to reduce the sodium intake. It doesn’t mean you should go completely salt-free but at least try not to consume on the higher end sodium.

When it comes to swollen bags under the eyes another important thing is to keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water.

If you have a seasonal allergy check in with your primary care doctor or you can also see an allergist who will give you proper medical advice and recommend the most suitable treatment for you. You’ll find this article interesting if you’d like to read more and find out if the chosen eye bag removal treatment is permanent.