Pack up your eyebags for good in Singapore

In Korea, there’s an entire lane dedicated to cosmetic surgeries that customers can pick from and the experience is akin to buying milk and bread from the neighbourhood convenience store. There is, however, no tangible proof of quality, no expiry date and no stamp of approval. These could and have resulted in botched jobs, infections and irreparable damage to the patients.

Eyebags surgery in Singapore

The benchmark for good, trustworthy, dependable and affordable medical services has been consistently met in Singapore. This explains why so many regional and international tourists flock to our sunny island to take advantage of our expertise as a medical hub. Even though we may not offer the cheapest rates for such procedures, there is a guarantee of the highest quality and should something go wrong, recompense will be available.

Singapore Medical Council’s stringent rules, regulations and rigorous checks keep practising licensed doctors and other personnel in line and up to par with international standards, unlike other countries where beauticians do the jobs that aestheticians have spent years studying for, to cut costs. This gimmick entices customers but provides no guarantee of results nor comfort when the procedure is unsuccessful.

Furthermore, if the procedure is done in Singapore, follow-ups will not be a hassle and should an emergency crop up in relation to the procedure, you know you will be in safe and dependable hands. There have been reported cases of doctors from certain countries who have opened up practices in the region but who have neither had adequate training nor acquired the necessary certification! This compromise of safety for money is unwise – especially if you will need to pay more to get a problem, which has grown, fixed all over again.

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