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Non-invasive Eye Bag Removal Singapore: What are Your Options?

For some, the battle with eye bags is a never-ending process, which starts from their early childhood and continues into their adulthood without remorse. And while kids are always sweet no matter what, a 20-something person with eye bags is more self-conscious about their looks. If you’ve tried some home remedies and tricks but haven’t been able to get rid of the annoying baggage, it may be time to consider a quick in-office procedure. You will often hear it termed non-invasive and scarless eye bag removal in Singapore because it involves no incisions and minimal disruption to the skin. Check out your dermatological options down below.

Can eye bags be removed without Surgery?

Yes, absolutely. There is a thing called non-surgical eye bag removal in Singapore and you can use it too. But whether it will work or not will depend on the cause of your eye bags. We’ve talked about this before: there are different reasons why eye bags form and they may require a different approach to handle.

It is difficult to believe but sometimes eye bags are caused be deflations in the skin that have to be filled. When you think of eye bags, you almost automatically envision an area that is bulging out and you rarely meditate on the reasons that it is happening.

Sometimes it is caused by tear troughs. These are hollows that form above your cheeks and just below the lower eyelids. They are not associated with ageing but are rather considered genetic. The condition is not a medical concern at all. Be it as it may, the majority of people are bothered by the aesthetic implications.

To know whether this is the main culprit for your bagginess, you need it confirmed by a specialist. Without a proper diagnosis, it will be impossible to choose a treatment that will work for you. And that’s what doctors are for.

Now, if your cosmetic condition is due to depressions in your cheeks, you can avoid eye bag removal surgery and achieve a better, fresher look in under 20 minutes.

There is a quick, scarless eye bag removal procedure that can give you the fresh look you’re aspiring to have: dermal fillers.

Wait, aren’t dermal fillers supposed to brush up the appearance of wrinkles? And aren’t they going to make my eye bags look bigger rather than camouflage them, you would ask?

When used in the right places and amounts, as well as the right person, these can have a tremendous effect on your under-eye area.

What are Dermal Fillers and what is their role in Scarless eye bag Removal in Singapore?

woman getting dermal fillers for non-invasive eye bag removal

A filler is an injectable liquid, usually hyaluronic acid (perfectly safe for application), which has to be administered into the skin with the ultimate goal to add fullness to any sunken areas. It works at different depths which is why the technician has to be skilled and educated. Otherwise, they will have no clue on how to go about it.

As you know, certain parts of the face tend to thin out over time. When it comes to the main topic of concern here, some people are just born with deep bags and dark circles. They don’t choose it and they certainly don’t want it but it happens.

In that case, no natural remedies for eye bag removal can help, unfortunately. These people will have eye bags regardless of how much sleep they get or what ointments they put on their faces.

And contrary to what they think, it’s not always caused by excess fat in the skin under the eyes. Sometimes, it’s the other way around: as mentioned above, the area between the lower eyelids and the cheeks is sometimes thinner and more indented, which makes the bags appear bigger when they are actually a normal section of skin.

So, this problem is not just a concern that comes with ageing. It can affect people of any age. The reason they prefer dermal fillers – when this option is suitable for them, that is – is because it is minimally invasive. There are no incisions, no wounds, and the procedure takes 15-20 minutes overall.

But if it is an injectable, then it has to be painful, right?

Sometimes people are deterred from undergoing this non-invasive eye bag removal procedure because they have a fear of needles, and that’s okay. You don’t get to watch a thin sharp object shovelled in front of your face every day. It can be stressful at first. But you need to understand that the treatment is not as uncomfortable as it seems.

For some reason, the eye area is not as sensitive to pain as other parts. It sounds unbelievable but it’s true. Yet, it’s important to remember that everyone has a different threshold: while some will probably feel a pinching sensation, others will be perfectly okay with it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the doctor won’t just stick the needle into your face. Before they give you the treatment, they will prep the skin with a numbing substance. The fillers themselves will come pre-mixed with lidocaine to make the process more bearable for you. This will desensitise the targeted region giving you peace of mind and helping you stay cool and collected.

Recovery and side effects of non-surgical eye bag removal in Singapore

Non-invasive eye bag removal done through dermal fillers alone does not have any downtime – you will feel okay afterwards as if nothing has happened. Of course, part of your face will still be a little numb due to the local anaesthesia. But that will wear off within an hour and you will quickly regain sensitivity to that area.

No recovery is necessary either. You don’t have to take time away from work. You can even go back to your office right after the appointment.

The potential side effects of the treatment are quite minimal. You will likely experience some swelling and redness around the treatment site for a few hours or days after the session. There may also be bruising. It will all disappear on its own and if you don’t like the sight of it, you can cover it with makeup. In most cases, these side effects can be eschewed by following the instructions that your doctor gave to you prior to the procedure.

Benefits of Non-Invasive Eye Bag Removal in Singapore

  • No incisions are needed
  • It’s quick and pain-free
  • It does not require hospitalisation
  • There is literally no downtime
  • No scars
  • It’s less expensive than surgical eye bag removal

Is Reapplication necessary and how often?

Yes, the treatment needs maintenance sessions. The frequency of reapplication varies per person. It seems that some patients are lucky to experience the effects for two years and even more, whereas the majority of people have to go to follow-up appointments once a year.

When is Non-invasive Eye Bag Removal not enough?

When a person has excess fat deposits and sagging skin under the eyes, dermal fillers could make their case worse. If you don’t have tear troughs, there is no point in undergoing injectables. There is an alternative treatment involving lasers but it’s only suitable for people who have a normal amount of fat under the peepers. The heat can destroy part of the tissue from within and lead to a tightened skin. However, this procedure might be more appropriate for dark circles.

If you are bothered by your eye bags and none of these treatments is a good fit for you, your dermatologist or surgeon will probably recommend eye bag removal surgery which not only works best but also brings permanent outcomes.

Eye bag removal surgery, on the other hand, will take more forethought on your part as it is an actual operation. It is executed with the help of general anaesthesia, has its side effects, and is not a manipulation you can have in between your daily tasks.

Can Botox remove eye bags?

So far, the treatment has not been officially proven by scientists to block the appearance of eye bags. It is applied as an off-label procedure for dark circles in some countries but it is not FDA-cleared for this specific use. There are not many trials on this topic and they are not definitive. A small study in 2003 tried to prove that botulinum toxin is a good non-surgical alternative for eye bags but it involved only 19 women.

Non-surgical Eye Bag Removal Cost in Singapore

When it comes to dermal fillers in Singapore, they are charged by the syringe. The greater their number, the steeper the price. Semi-permanent fillers will set you back from $900 to $2,000 per syringe. Why is the range so high? Because there are different brands on the market and each product is priced differently. When it comes to temporary fillers, which you will probably receive for the under-eye area, they run anywhere between $600 and $1,000.

For more information about the cost of your eye bag removal procedure, ask your clinic of choice for an estimate. They will give you all the details about it including whether you have to pay any additional charges, such as a surgeon’s fee, local anaesthesia, and consultation.