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Is Eye Bag Removal Permanent

Protruding lower eyelids and dark circles under the eyes bother both adults and young people. Nowadays, many young women and men try everything in order to have nice looking skin around the eyes and “destroy” those eye bags. It is a fact that those negative changes in the eye area affect the overall appearance of the face – people look tired and years older.

Surely on the Internet, you can find various home remedies, “magic” creams, gels, eye patches, and many other that promise to get you rid of that puffiness and bags under the eyes permanently. But is this actually possible and are there any products or procedures that can really help you deal with this problem? Let’s find it out!

Can eye bags be removed?

dark eye circle removal before afterEye bags can be successfully removed but first of all, you need to know the reason for their appearance and the right way to treat them.

Imperfections such as wrinkles, bulges and hollowness most often appear simply because your skin is kind of “getting older”. Over the years our skin changes, like everything else in our body does. It begins losing its elasticity and strength. And the most affected part of this process is usually the area around the eyes. Why? The skin there is really thin and sensitive. And if we combine it with some negative effects such as sleepless, excessive alcohol, party nights, prolonged periods of stress, prolonged computer work and so on we can really damage the skin in this area. As a result, there are three main aesthetic problems that can occur – wrinkles, bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Other causes that can lead to puffiness and unpleasant bags under the eyes include allergies, unhealthy diet and fluid retention, health conditions such as thyroid problems as well as genetics.

As you can see there are various reasons for this condition. To identify what is the exact reason for your bags under the eyes, it is best to consult a doctor who will make an accurate diagnosis and determine the appropriate eye bag removal treatment for you.

How much does it cost to remove under-eye bags in Singapore?

The prices of different treatments in Singapore can start anywhere from $300-$500 for non-surgical treatments and go up to $5000 for eye bag surgery. It all depends on the eye bag removal treatment you choose. Here are some of the options you have in Singapore and the prices for each of them:

  • Eyebag removal surgery (lower blepharoplasty). The cost of eye bag removal surgery in Singapore may vary between $3000-$5000 depending on the technique that is used, clinic and physician’s fee.
  • Laser treatments. The cost of laser treatment for eye bags in Singapore starts from $500 for fractional lasers and may go up to $1800 for more modern types of devices such as pico laser.
  • Filler injection. The price of this treatment in Singapore can be anywhere between $500 to $1200 per syringe. This wide range in the cost is due to the fact that there are various types of dermal fillers available on the market.
  • Sunekos treatment. For Sunekos treatment in Singapore, you may expect to pay between $300 and $600 per session.

How do you permanently remove eye bags?

Eyelid surgery is a procedure that permanently removes eye bags. This operation is also known as lower blepharoplasty. The success of eye bag removal surgery is due to the fact that excess fat is removed by an incision in the lower eyelid.

How does lower eyelid surgery work?

Lower blepharoplasty works by cutting some fatty tissue and extra skin from the lower eyelid in order to eliminate bags under the eyes. This surgical procedure is done under local anaesthesia. The surgeon may use various techniques to perform blepharoplasty. Here are some eye bag removal surgeries that you may get in Singapore:

  • Traditional blepharoplasty. In this approach, the surgeon makes an incision right below the eyelashes and removes a certain amount of fat from the lower eyelid.
  • Scarless eye bag removal surgery. During this procedure, small incisions are made in the inner side of the lower eyelid. These incisions usually do not leave visible scars. The good things about this surgery are that it has lower downtime and lower chance of side effects. Mild bruising might be observed as a side effect.
  • Pinch blepharoplasty (lower lid pinch surgery). The surgeon pinched the skin below the lower eyelashes by using a special instrument. In addition to removing eye bag pinch surgery also deal with crow’s feet and wrinkles.

Who is a suitable candidate for eyebag removal surgery?

Eye bag removal procedure can be done on almost everyone who has fat deposits under the eyes.

You are a suitable candidate for this surgical treatment:

  • if you have excess skin and fat below your eyes;
  • if your eye bags run in family or are caused by ageing;
  • if you still have eyebags even when you slept enough;
  • if you have tried non-surgical eye bag removal treatments and these not improved your condition;
  • if you are in good general health.

Is eye bag removal surgery safe?

Eye bag removal surgery is a considerably safe procedure. However, there are some minor side effects associated with this operation such as swelling, bruising or blurring around the eye. These usually resolve on their own in a few days. The recovery typically takes between seven and fourteen days. Most people feel ready to go back to work after a week.

Can you permanently remove eye bags at home?

There is no proven home remedy that may completely eliminate or permanently remove eye bags. However, if your eye bags are due to fatigue, lack of sleep or unhealthy lifestyle you can lessen or even get rid of them by using some simple home remedies and changing some of your habits. These include:

  • applying cold compresses or tea bags on the affected area to stimulate the blood circulation;
  • reducing the intake of salt to prevent water retention;
  • quitting cigarettes and alcohol – they may have a negative impact on the skin;
  • taking a good rest and enough sleep to promote blood flow to the area beneath the eyes;
  • using appropriate eye creams and sunscreen to moisturize the skin surrounding the eyes and prevent it from damages.

If you have no improvement then you will need to consider other eye bag removal treatments.

Are non-surgical eye bag removal treatments permanent?

Non-surgical eye bag removal treatments can be a long term solution. However, for best outcomes you will need to repeat them every six months or a year, depending on the type of procedure.

Modern aesthetic dermatology offers several non-surgical eye bag removal treatments – filler injection, laser resurfacing and Sunekos treatment. These approaches can significantly improve imperfections on the skin surrounding the eyes as well as the appearance of bags and dark circles. In addition, they are safe, quick and do not require downtime.

Filler injection

Woman getting cosmetic injection of filler near eyes

This procedure involves placing filler substance in the area between the cheek and lower eyelid. It fills and lifts up the hollowness beneath the eyes. Normally, the substance used for injection is hyaluronic acid. Filler injection will be a perfect option in case your eye bags are due to volume loss. This procedure also works great for dark circles.

How long do under eye fillers last?

Placing fillers in the under-eye area is normally a temporary solution. The effect of injected hyaluronic acid may last around 9 months or 1 year.

Laser resurfacing

eye bag laser skin resurfacingLaser treatment is a procedure that tightens and improves the surface layers of the skin below and around the eye by providing heat. In addition, the laser energy stimulates collagen production and has a firming effect.

If you have mild to moderate protrusion beneath your eyes this procedure might be a good option for you. Lasers work very well for dark circles as well as fine lines and wrinkles around your eye area.

How long does laser resurfacing last?

The results of such a procedure may last up to 12 months depending on your skin type and skincare routines.

Sunekos treatment

This is one of the latest cosmetic procedures that help to improve the skin around the eye area as well as the appearance of eye bags and dark circles. It is an injectable treatment that contains hyaluronic acid and amino acids. It works by stimulating the skin to produce a complete matrix of collagen and elastin. This, in turn, rejuvenates the deepest layers of the skin by increasing cellular regeneration.

It is suitable for candidates with dull, tired, wrinkled skin and dark circles underneath the eyes. In addition, the elastin stimulation makes this treatment very suitable for eye bags.

How long does Sunkeon last?

The results of this treatment may last around six months. If you take good care for your skin and maintain a healthy way of life your results might last longer.

Overall, it may be said

Although bags under the eyes are harmless and can not affect your vision or health, they can really impact your self-esteem. So it is definitely better to take some action and get rid of those bulges. And remember, the sooner you do it the better results you will get. If you have already tried all of these popular home remedies and beauty tips and the eye bags are still on your face then it might be time to see a doctor who will recommend the most suitable treatment for you.