How to Remove Eye Bags Permanently at Home

It’s early in the morning and you’re staring at the mirror, annoyed at the huge eye bags you got from last night’s party. In an hour, you will be out the door and into the world doing errands, and you don’t want to look like a panda. What do you do now? Apparently, you’ve scrolled to the right place because we have some tips for you. Is eye bag removal permanent? If you want to know how to remove eye bags permanently at home, this is your moment. Take a seat and jump through the sections.

What Causes Eye Bags?

Before you look into the various home remedies and treatments for puffiness and dark circles, it pays to know-how and, most of all, why eye bags form.

  • Heredity. Some people get it from their parents. It may sound harsh, but it’s how the body is sculpted.
  • Weak orbital septum. The orbital septum is the barrier that keeps in the fat under the eye. It can get weaker as a person ages and if this happens, there is nothing to hold the tissue in place. As a result, the fat starts to bulge out, which shows on the skin.
  • Sunken cheeks. Believe it or not, loss of fat in the cheeks can make the under-eye area appear baggy. Ageing might be to blame for this one too. As time passes by, collagen, fat, and other tissue in the skin is lost, making it seem thinner. However, this process doesn’t occur simultaneously in all parts of the face, the cheeks “deflating” faster than the area under the peepers. This creates the illusion of puffiness.
  • Sleep problem You’ve probably experienced this before – you tend to stay up halfway through the night and the next morning you wake up to a headache and puffy eyes. When you deprive your body of sleep, bad things happen and some of them show on your face. When you slumber, fluids can travel up to your face and accumulate in the under-eye area. Not catching enough Z’s could easily lead to leakage in the blood vessels nearby. This causes dark circles and puffiness.
  • Alcohol. Alcohol is like a sponge that absorbs fluids from your body and leaves you parched and dry. When your skin isn’t well hydrated, it becomes weak. So, it’s no wonder why bags under the eyes arise after you’ve had one too many.
  • Blocked sinuses. Sinus congestion is a common occurrence with allergies. When the body tries to get rid of the offending particles that have found their way into the nose, the passages get swollen. This may negatively affect the under-eye area as well and cause swollen under eye bags.

Tips for Eye Bags Prevention

The best way to tackle eye bags and dark circles is to prevent them from happening. Here are some tips you can embed in your daily life to keep puffiness at bay.

  • Add in an extra pillow to keep your face elevated throughout the night, but don’t go too high as this might hurt your neck in the process.
  • On that note, make certain you get your 8 hours of good night’s sleep because this is the biggest culprit of developing tired eyes.
  • Use cold compresses in the morning to constrict the blood vessels and improve the appearance of the under-eye region.
  • Reduce your salt intake. You may be thinking that you barely eat any salt throughout the day because you don’t tend to bring flavour to your food that way. But just remember all the processed foods you consume on the regular and you’ll get what we’re talking about. Watch your proportions. It’s best to read the label to determine how much salt you’ve taken per sitting. The best way to go is to have fewer meals of this kind.
  • Consider getting started on collagen supplements. Over time, your under-eye area will show improvement. On the whole, your skin will look better.

How to Remove Eye Bags Permanently at Home

If you’ve tried your best to break your bad habits but you’re still waking up with eye bags, here are some DIY tips and tricks that might help.

Egg whites

broken egg

Okay, here is a tip you did not anticipate. Grab two eggs from your fridge, separate the whites, and whisk them until smooth. Without wasting much time, dip your fingers into the bowl and spread the concoction under your eyes, right where those bags are. Make sure you apply enough of the mixture. Leave it on for a while until you start to feel a tightening effect. When the time is up, rinse your face with lukewarm water to carefully rub out the ‘mask’. Tip: don’t let the eggs sit at room temperature or you’ll waste their chill.


hand holding potato

Here is a common one. If you happen to have a lonely potato lying around in your pantry, put it to some good use. Peel it and cut it in thin slices. Throw those in a bowl or plate so you can take them to the couch. Next, lie down and apply a slice on every eye. Give it 5-10 minutes to settle and then replace it with a fresh one. Repeat until you run out of slices.

When you are done, don’t forget to rinse the area gently. To improve the effects of the procedure, use coconut oil to rehydrate the skin. The reason that potatoes actually work is that they have an enzyme called catecholase which has anti-inflammatory properties and the power to lessen puffiness. Needless to say, it also positively affects dark circles.


Yes, you’re seeing right. Leave two spoons in the freezer for a few minutes until they cool. Take them out, lie down on your back, and close your eyes. Now, place each spoon over one eye letting it sit for about 10 minutes while you are relaxing. The cold touch of the steel will act as an astringent and help reduce the swelling. This will leave you with less puffiness and a much fresher look. Tip: use cereal spoons if you can as they will fit over your peepers better than regular spoons.

Green tea bags

Green tea contains caffeine which can get rid of puffiness which constricts blood flow, so it’s a perfect combination. Not to mention, there are anti-inflammatory properties in place.

Here is what you want to do. Grab two tea bags and soak them in ice water. Now, take them out and cover your eyes with them, the baggy area included. Not only will it eliminate the puffy look but it will soothe tiredness arising from computer use. It also has the added bonus of reducing dark circles.

Foods high in collagen

Your skin is full of collagen and elastin that makes it so supple, elastic, and wrinkle-free. However, when you age, less collagen forms in the skin, which causes a saggy, tired-looking appearance. To help with the production of collagen, you should try and eat more foods that are rich in vitamin C, including parsley, strawberries, kale, oranges, broccoli, and lemons.

Homemade Eye Bag Mask Coming to Your Rescue

If you want to achieve even better results, you should try mixing up a few ingredients for an optimal effect.

What you need:

  • ½ teaspoon of vitamin E oil
  • 5-10 drops of rosewater
  • 5-10 drops of grapeseed oil
  • 3 teaspoons of aloe vera gel
  • 1 green tea bag


Brew some green tea and let it cool. Transfer three teaspoons of the liquid into a bowl and throw in the other ingredients from this recipe. Stir well. Immerse the tip of your fingers into the concoction and pat your way under the eyes. Make sure the area is wet. Allow enough time for the mask to work its magic – about 20 minutes should suffice.

Once you are finished, take a moistened cloth and run it around your eyes to remove the mixture from the face. You can also wash it down with water, using gentle motions so as not to pull on the delicate skin under the peepers. In the end, dab on some coconut oil.

Put away the remainder of the mixture into the fridge and store it for no more than two weeks. Feel free to use it again after a day.

The reason this mask is beneficial for your skin is that the green tea bags will impact eye bags and dark circles, while rose water and aloe vera will help with irritation. As for the rest of the ingredients, they are rich in antioxidants which have been proven to slow down ageing. All in all, they will do good for your skin.

What Else You Can Do to Get Rid of Eye Bags

As mentioned earlier, sometimes clogged sinuses can trigger the annoying eye bags. For this and other reasons, it is a smart idea to try and clear them to see if it fixes the problem. It will also make you feel good altogether.  Some people swear by the effectiveness of neti pots. This is a device that you use to insert a saline solution into your nose that aims to get rid of debris and mucus. If you are curious to know more, here is how to do it.

  1. Get yourself a neti pot. They are sold at health food stores, drug stores, and online retailers . The price runs between $15 and $30. Wash it before use.
  2. Fill it with a cup of water (boiled or distilled) and half a teaspoon of salt, then heat it so the substances can mix well. When the salt has dissolved, wait for a few minutes until the solution is cool enough for you to use it.
  3. Next up, go to the sink and lean your head sideways. As you can see, the neti pot comes with a spout that you can insert into your nostril. Begin to do so gently and slowly so as not to hurt yourself. Then, pour the mixture into the nostril and let it come out on its own.
  4. Repeat on the other side.
  5. When you are done, remember to wash the pot with sterile water and let it air dry.

After you clear your sinuses, you will begin to feel much better. On top of that, the bags under your eyes will be diminished.

What to Do If Home Remedies for Eye Bags Don’t Work

If going with home remedies and getting enough sleep has been to no avail, perhaps you need to talk to a specialist to understand better the reasons behind your eye bags. Having a consultation with a dermatologist will help identify the actual culprit behind your puffiness, which is one step away from finding a solution that works for you.

There are two different courses of action depending on the cause. One is to have dermal fillers administered around your eyes. This is a quick non-surgical intervention that goes for hyaluronic acid or another substance to fill in deflated regions in the skin. In this particular case, it is targeted at the cheeks. It makes the area more chubby thereby reducing (or removing altogether) the appearance of bags under the eyes.

The second treatment is an operation aiming to suck away excess fat and skin so that the transition between the upper area and the cheeks is smoother. Known as lower eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, this is an outpatient procedure done with anaesthesia to keep the patient at rest. As you can imagine, it consists of making incisions around the eyes, that’s why people often hesitate to do it.

Despite that, the downtime is relatively smaller and the results are long-lasting, so it’s fair to say you can get rid of eye bags permanently.

How to Know if You Need Medical Advice?

Eye bags are a cosmetic annoyance rather than a medical concern, so if you are dealing with this problem, there is no need to worry. Since it can be extremely bothersome, it doesn’t hurt to implement different treatments to try to battle it. If your eye bags are hereditary, it will be challenging to keep them at bay. This is where you ought to consult with a doctor who will lay down the in-office options for you.