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Fat Grafting Under Eyes Singapore – What is it, Recovery

In recent years, fat transfer procedures have become very popular in Singapore. And this is not surprising considering all benefits of those cosmetic treatments – they can improve the appearance of the breast, create more fullness in the butts as well as rejuvenate the face.

It can be also used as an alternative to traditional eye bag surgery. In addition, fat transfer surgery can help you eliminate unwanted fat from problem body areas. However, the unique thing about this aesthetic procedure is that it gives really natural long-lasting results as it uses your own fat cells.

The amazing effect of this cosmetic surgery is achieved by removing excess fat (by liposuction surgery) from an area of your body and transferring (by fat injection) it to another part that you want to adjust. Liposuction can be done from almost any part of the body, so you have a great choice – knees, calves, breeches, hips, abdomen, back, waist, from the inside of the arms. The extracted fat can be also injected into different regions of the body but most often it is used to achieve facial rejuvenation. It is one of the best treatments available for eye bags at the moment, provided you are a good candidate for it.

In this article, we will focus on face fat grafting technique and in particular, under-eye fat grafting.

What is a facial fat transfer (nano fat grafting)?

Fat transfer to the face also known as fat grafting or nano fat grafting is a surgical procedure used to add volume to various areas of the face. The operation involves liposuction where fat tissue is taken from areas of the body where unwanted fat is stored and then this fat is transferred to the parts of the face where you are experiencing any hollowness. Facial fat grafting can help to reverse some of the changes that occur with age as well as improve facial contours and skin texture.

The areas of the face that can be improved and rejuvenated by fat grafting face include:

  • forehead;
  • mid-face;
  • the region around the cheek;
  • chin;
  • the area under the eyes and the tear trough area;
  • nasolabial folds;
  • lips.

Fat grafting face is a quick procedure, with quick recovery and very little downtime. It is typically done on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia. Nano fat grafting procedure begins with liposuction surgery where the surgeon injects a tiny needle into the problem area of your body to remove unwanted fat. By centrifuge, excess fluids and impurities of the fat are separated. Once this process is completed, the doctor injects small portions of this fat into the facial lines or wrinkles that need to be improved. The filled facial area looks more youthful, healthier and refreshed as the procedure has the power to take all hollowness from the face and add volume to the skin.

How much facial fat grafting cost in Singapore?

On average this procedure costs around $3000 to $5000 in Singapore. The cost of this procedure is dependant on how much fat you want to transfer, how much fat that you want to take away as well as the number of areas you want to target.

Who is a suitable candidate for fat transfer to the face?

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An ideal candidate is anyone who is experiencing facial ageing, any hollowness in the skin and wants to add any volume to areas in the face.

  • If you possess the following qualities, you may be suitable for a facial fat grafting procedure.
  • You have unpleasant dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  • You have sunken cheeks.
  • You have wrinkled laugh lines (smile lines) or temple.
  • You are looking for a skin rejuvenation procedure that uses only natural, living tissues.
  • You have scars from previous surgeries or pigmented skin.
  • You are generally in good overall health.

Facial fat grafting is a simple procedure that many patients can benefit from. It is best to have a consultation with a facial plastic surgeon to determine if such an operation is suitable for you.

Fat grafting under eyes Singapore

A lot of people have issues with dark circles under the eyes and in most cases, this condition is followed by several other problems. It can be a loss of fat which means there is less volume in the tear trough area than there used to be when you were younger. Other issues are hyperpigmentation where the skin actually gets darker or skin laxity that causes unwanted wrinkles. The under-eye fat grafting procedure (micro fat grafting) is a great way to address dark circles, eye bags, improve skin elasticity and restore facial volume loss.

Some of the benefits of under-eye fat grafting procedure include:

  • This a treatment that gets rid of dark circles or bags under the eyes permanently.
  • The under-eye fat grafting procedure is very quick, and minimal recovery time is required following surgery.
  • Getting fat stem cells injected will delay signs of wrinkling around the eye area.
  • Natural results are achieved.

Periorbital fat grafting procedure for upper eyelid hollowness

In addition to correcting lower eyelids, a fat grafting procedure can be used to fill the hollowness on the upper eyelids. However, not everyone is a candidate for this procedure. Ideally, your eyebrows should be in the proper position or a little higher to support the fill that is going to be placed. Fat transfer can be also good for you if you have lost some volume on your upper eyelids and your eyes are kind of sucking way back into the skull (giving you that sunken appearance).

Keep in mind, the upper eyelid is really delicate area and many providers are hesitant to perform fat transfer there because of the location. If you considering such an operation make sure you find a highly experienced plastic surgeon.

Facial fat transfer recovery time

Facial fat grafting recovery is quite fast. You can usually resume your normal activities in a week. Swelling and bruising are potential complications after nano fat grafting but they should go down within about five to seven days after surgery. Results are also seen very quickly. Some people will have some redness of the area that can last several weeks but it can be easily covered with makeup. You may also use ice to shrink the blood vessels.

Is fat grafting surgery permanent?

By getting a fat grafting procedure you have the opportunity to obtain permanent results. Since fat cells will be reabsorbed and metabolized by your body, more fat is harvested and transplanted than is needed. When you are fully recovered, your cells that survive the move will be permanently integrated into their new location. The most important step in transferring cells is processing them. When the fat transfer is performed by a well trained and qualified plastic surgeon who uses the best possible approaches the fat cells are more likely to be preserved and presented with the best possible results.

Fat transfer procedures vs. dermal filers

Dermal Fillers for Men eye bag treatment

Although facial fat grafting and filler injection may look like similar cosmetic procedures, there is a huge difference between them. To understand what distinguishes those techniques we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Fat grafting benefits

  • It is your own tissue which means you are not getting some foreign substances.
  • It is an outpatient procedure that does not require the use of general anaesthetic and has a shorter recovery time.
  • A huge benefit of the procedure is that some fat is permanent.
  • The chance of allergic reaction is minimal, almost none.
  • It gives soft and natural results. You are not going to get the firm tissue lumps that you may experience with filler injections.

But what are the negatives of fat transfer surgery?

  • Although fat grafting is a minimally invasive procedure it is still plastic surgery and it carries the risks and potential complications associated with any operation such as swelling, bruising or infections.
  • You may have scars. They are usually on the incisions that the surgeon creates by taking fat out and injecting it. However, they are very small.
  • The biggest negative of fat grafting procedure is that it is unpredictable because every patient is different.

Benefits of dermal filler treatment

  • Filler injection is a very quick out-patient procedure, there is no downtime with it and there is no recovery period.
  • It is a less expensive procedure.
  • Injecting hyaluronic acid filler is a quite predictable technique.

But what are the drawbacks of filler injections?

  • Dermal fillers do not consist your own tissue. They are typically made of a substance such as Hyaluronic acid.
  • Hyaluronic acid fillers are temporary. They may last approximately a year and then you will have to do the procedure again.
  • In the long run, it can get expensive because you may need a number of filler treatments over the years.
  • Facial fillers can feel firmer and there is a risk of development of tissue lumps. It is especially true if not right fillers are used.

To sum up

Facial fat grafting is a procedure that can significantly improve your face and skin giving you refreshed and youthful appearance. It should be performed only by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. Fat grafting surgery requires a significant effort on the part of the doctor to obtain good outcomes.

It requires careful preoperative planning with each patient, selection of appropriate instrumentation and of course meticulous attention to detail during the operation both in the harvesting of fat and in the placement of fat. Grafted fat that gains a blood supply postoperatively will persist indefinitely as living tissue just like the naturally occurring fatty tissue that is already present in the treatment area. This means fat grafting is designed to produce a permanent aesthetic enhancement.