Close Up Of Syringe And Treatment Used For eye bag filler Injection

Eye Bag Fillers Singapore – Eye Bag Removal, Treatment, Cost, Fillers vs Surgery

Eye bag fillers in Singapore are a somewhat exploited topic as the treatment is becoming more widespread. People of all ages undergo the quick non-surgical procedure on their lunch break so that their eyes look fresh and healthy. But many are still hesitant to give it a go because they lack information. If you are wondering who makes a great candidate for eye tear trough fillers in Singapore, what happens at the doctor’s office, and how come they can be used to treat eye bags, read on.

The sections below have your most burning questions answered. Stick around.

Will fillers help with under-eye bags and dark eye circles?

Yes, definitely, but only for sunken eyes. Let’s dig into it. Dermal fillers are pretty self-explanatory considering the name. We’re talking about a substance – typically a liquid – that goes into the skin to plump it up a little. It is mostly done on deep creases and hollow areas and is a great non-surgical alternative to lower blepharoplasty.

The purpose of dermal fillers is to restore fullness to areas that have experienced volume loss. So, in other words, they ‘fill’ the desired section. There are cheek fillers, under-eye filler, acne scar fillers, lip fillers, fine lines and more.

When you think about eye bag treatments, fillers are not the very first option that comes to mind. This is because eye bags are normally associated with bulkiness – you know, the fat pads under the peepers begin to slip down as the skin weakens and sags. What most patients envision is a treatment that takes away some of the tissue rather than adding more.

However, what you probably aren’t aware of is that there are different things that give rise to eye bags: lack of sleep, alcohol use, too much sun exposure, allergies, ageing, and genetics. The cause determines the cure. Just like not all acne scars are the same, the puffiness under your lower eyelids will need an individual approach.

In some people, breaking bad habits and getting enough sleep work wonders. But unfortunately, those who were born that way will not be affected positively by lifestyle changes per se.

Men and women with tear troughs (a crease between the cheek and the lower eyelid) may look tired or sleep-deprived. Dark shadows are cast over the area. This is a problem with aesthetics rather than a medical issue. Check out our full article on tear trough fillers.

Eye tear trough fillers for under-eye bags help to eliminate the appearance of dark circles and depressions. They come in small bottles and consist of hyaluronic acid (and other ingredients). Each procedure requires a different amount of the gel-like substance. An experienced doctor would prefer injecting a small dose on the first visit to overdoing it. When the tear trough filler product settles, they inspect the result and do another round where necessary.

On the topic of dark eye circles, you will notice mild improvement. Hopefully, you realise this will not work for dark eye circles that are caused by lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, allergies, and pigmentation irregularities. There are other treatment options for that.

Who is ideal for dermal fillers for eye bags paired with dark eye circles?

Woman getting cosmetic injection of filler near eyes

In Singapore, you have to meet the following criteria if you want to qualify for treatment with dermal fillers:

  • Your skin is healthy
  • You have realistic expectations and understand that the results are temporary
  • Your overall health is good
  • You have volume loss/mild to moderate sagging/hollowness under the eyes (sunken eyes)

That said, individuals with too much fat under the lower eyelids are not suitable for the procedure. Very deep tear troughs might also be an obstacle. Not to mention, if your medical condition does not allow it, you will not be eligible to remove eye bags this way.

How are eye bag fillers done in Singapore?

If you have been approved for the dermal filler treatment, here is what will likely happen. You will be ushered into the doctor’s office for your appointment where a nurse will prep you for the procedure.

Step number one of removing your eyebags (and dark eye circles) is to clean your face and eye area, as well as apply anaesthetic cream over the injection site. The purpose is to remove discomfort from the needle puncture. With that out of the agenda, the dermatologist steps in by marking the skin with a medical marker to use it as guidance throughout the manipulation.

They start with a small dose of dermal filler carefully inserting it in the chosen areas. If you have deep hollows, they may finish off a full syringe on each eye but if the hollows are insignificant, they will split the substance between each side. As they withdraw the needle, they will massage the area gently to help spread the gel around so it reaches the right spots. This will go on for several minutes until both sides are covered.

The good news is that after the doctor is finished with the filler treatments, you can go back home or head for work, whatever activities are lined up in your schedule.

Does eye tear trough filler hurt?

Now, the perception of pain is pretty individual as everybody experiences pain differently. Some have quite high thresholds, whereas others can’t stand a minimal amount of pressure to their body. Having said that, tear trough filler patients normally handle the procedure well. This is because the shots are administered quickly and before you know it, the treatment for eyebags is over and you are good to go, with a more appealing appearance.

Another factor is the use of numbing cream to reduce the discomfort. All this combined with the doctors’ experience and skills allow for a pain-free injection of eye fillers. That’s not to say you are not going to feel the pressure of the needle as it pierces the skin. There will be some discomfort but it’s going to be short-lived. Overall, dermal fillers are tolerable.

How to care for your under-eye area after hyaluronic acid fillers

Now, eye bag filler treatment is non-surgical (minimally invasive), so there is almost no downtime. The only side effects that you have to deal with are some redness and swelling. There may be bruising in the affected area too. All these ‘problems’ will last around 48 hours and you don’t have to do anything about it, really. You can try applying cold packs around the eyes to constrict the nearby blood vessels and lessen any side effects after the injection. Just follow the instructions your doctor gave you, if any.

It is worth mentioning you should steer clear of intense physical activity the first day or two, especially if you have bruising or swelling after the treatments. It may be a good idea to give the targeted area a gentle massage several times while it is adjusting to the new circumstances. Last but not least, use two or three pillows so you can sleep elevated the first night after the procedure.

Once you get the treatment, the tear trough area will be instantly plumped up. It will look and feel fuller, plus your dark circles will have vanished. The effects are subtle. They will begin to unfold gradually and will reach maximum potential on the second or third week. So, be patient. Now, as mentioned earlier, dark eye circles will only improve as long as they are not the result of darker pigment in which case they may be highlighted with this procedure (do talk to your doctor about that).

How long do eye bag removal fillers last?

The timeframe may vary. Every patient will experience different outcomes. On average, dermal fillers tend to dissolve within nine to twelve months, which means you will gradually see the results come undone at the first year’s mark. With some luck, you may be able to retain the effects for up to three years following the session. At least that’s what happens to some folks.

If you want to keep looking your best, you can have maintenance treatments every now and then. Your physician will advise on the best timeframe to sustain the medical aesthetics of the eye fillers.

It is vital to note that there are several factors that determine how long the fillers will withstand. For starters, every person’s metabolism and ability to interfere with substances is different. Some tend to absorb hyaluronic acid faster than others, and at different stages in different eye areas.

Second, the quality of the product is of utmost importance. You should go to certified medical professionals in or outside of Singapore who use nothing but premium quality fillers. It should not be about the money because you are putting your life on the line. If the aesthetician uses outdated products, this could have horrendous consequences.

The third factor has to do with the doctors’ filler injection technique and skills. The more experienced and trained they are, the better the outcome. A good doctor is someone who takes things slowly. They don’t go overboard with the tear trough filler and they like to employ precision every second of the procedure.

Can there be too much dermal filler treatment?

Under-eye bags after filler injections usually look good. However, if the technician administers more product than needed, an overfill side effect might ensue. Instead of solving the problem, it will accentuate it. This raises the question of where to get the eye bag removal treatment done. You should by all means go to a clinic with certified doctors as in dermatologists and surgeons. Do not let a non-medical staff give you the injections for it can prove detrimental for your medical aesthetics. To help you with that, we’ve published an article with the best eye bag clinics in Singapore.

Fillers or surgery for under-eye bags?

That depends on the types and severity of your eye bags. If you have more sunken skin under the eyes, fillers could help even out the transition between your cheeks and under-eye tear trough area. Surgery is usually performed for the more severe, puffy eyes. Your doctor will advise you which treatments are the best suited for your condition.

What is the overall cost of eye bag fillers in Singapore?

Eye tear trough fillers come with a different price tag. The cost of the treatment range is from $600 to $1,000 per syringe. Talk with your doctor about your treatment options so you can make a decision together about the product that will be best for you. You have to keep in mind that eye bag fillers are deemed an aesthetic procedure. By default, aesthetics procedures do not go through with insurance companies.