Celebrity Cover-Ups

With the rise of photoshop, quick nip-and-tuck surgeries and the myriad of lotions and potions in the market, it is no wonder most celebrities can stand in front of the evil queen’s magic mirror and be declared the fairest of them all. Just look at any magazine cover and you will see the magic of image editing software or hear from the celebrities themselves about how long it took their style entourage to get them looking that fabulous on the red carpet.

How celebrities get rid of eyebags

So what do celebrities use to rid themselves of unwanted eye baggage? They get their glam squad to prep, prime, conceal, shimmer and disguise their bags of course!

It’s all about drawing attention away from the bags and on to other parts of the face. These are the basics – smear on cold cream the night before (to constrict the blood vessels under the eye) and follow it up in the morning by slathering on a moisturiser that is jam-packed with vitamin E.

Stars like Miranda Kerr and Mandy Moore have taken to using extra virgin coconut oil as a fixture in their skincare routines to deeply hydrate their skin without all those unpronounceable chemicals. Stylists are pros at distracting us with unnaturally perfect eyebrows and sensational eyelashes but things that even you and I can adopt include highlighting your eyes with white eyeliner and using concealer on the shadow of the eyebag rather than over the eyebag.

Harley Viera-Newton swears by eye rollers that ooze caffeine and minerals while Rita Ora praises eye serums and masks. It’s all about what works for them, like using the right eye cream. Using an anti-inflammatory eye cream packed with caffeine and paired with formulae containing hyaluronic acid, glycerin, vitamin C and shea butter work for some people but a retinol-powered option that stimulates collagen may be needed for others, depending on the size of the eyebags. Ultimately, it’s all about getting what works within a budget (this doesn’t apply to the rich and famous – they can always afford fillers, surgery and the downtime!)

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