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Baking Soda for Under Eye Bags – Does It Вork?

Baking soda is a product we are used to using for baking and preparing delicious foods. However, it is turn out, this ingredient is a very universal tool that almost every day, someone, somewhere invents a new application for it. Some people use soda to clean the dishes, others – to clean their dull silver jewellery. Furthermore, many women implement this ingredient in their skincare routines. It is said that it can improve facial skin, remove dead skin cells, pimples, scars and so on.

What interesting we found about baking soda is that some women and beauty bloggers claim that this home remedy can help you deal with eye bags and dark circles. It sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Baking soda is a cheap and affordable ingredient. Probably every woman has it in the kitchen cabinet. But is that possible, or perhaps it is more important to ask ourselves whether it is safe for the sensitive skin around the eyes? Do you want to find it out? Then, please keep reading!

How do you use baking soda to get rid of eye bags and dark circles?

How do women use this “magical product” to get rid of eye bags? We have done some research on the Internet and here is what we found.

First method – baking soda mask

You will need a bowl with water and about two teaspoons of baking soda. Then both ingredients should be mixed until a smooth paste is obtained. After that this mixture is gently applied to the area beneath the eyes and left there for around 10 minutes. Once, the paste is dry it needs to be rinsed with water or removed by using soaked cotton balls.

Second method – baking soda tonic

For this method, you need a small glass of cold water and two teaspoons of baking soda. Then they should be mixed until the soda is dissolved in the water. After that, you need to soak two cotton balls with the liquid and place them on the under-eye area. After you’ve left them for about 20-25 minutes you should rinse the remaining liquid with lukewarm water.

As you can see these are really simple, easy and cheap techniques used to cure dark circles and bags under the eyes. But do they actually work?

Does baking soda help bags under the eyes?

asian woman with mask for eye bags

Although some individuals swear that baking soda can get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes, no scientific evidence supports this claim. Some people have reported noticing some benefit of using this method, but so far there is no evidence to support those claims and they appear to be purely anecdotal.

Bags under the eyes usually occur when stretched and sagging skin relaxes, leaving a pouch. The fat pads beneath the eyes move down to fill the space. Extra fluid can also pool there, causing the lower lids to look even puffier and swollen. The fatty tissue under the eyes can be also genetic. Whatever the reason is, one of the main characteristics of the eye bags is the presence of excess skin beneath the eyes.  It means that if you want to get rid of the bags under your eyes you will need to eliminate that extra skin from this area. As you can guess this cannot happen by using home remedies, no matter what you apply baking soda or other natural products. In addition, not all DIY products and beauty hacks that you have discovered online are safe to be used on facial skin, especially on delicate area such as the area beneath the eyes. It is also good to be careful when you are choosing your moisturizing cream. Make sure it is suitable for your skin type.

Why is baking soda bad for your skin?

Baking soda causes excessive exfoliation and drying of the skin. When you put sodium bicarbonate or baking soda on your skin you are introducing something that is very alkaline. The pH of this ingredient is very different from the pH of the skin which is naturally acidic and it is around pH 4. It means it is safe to use products that are also within that 4 pH range. However, baking soda is all the way down at pH 9.  From a logarithmical point of view, it is thousands of times more concentrated more potent than your natural skin pH level. When you are putting it on your skin, what happens is, this protective skin barrier that is lightly acidic will be completely stripped off. Thus in turns will make your skin irritated, more sensitive and prone to damage. So it is definitely not safe to apply baking soda to the area under your eyes or your facial skin at all.

The same goes for lemon juice that is also a popular home remedy for eye bags and dark circles. Its acidity can destroy the protective layer of your skin and make it irritated. If you use lemon juice on sensitive skin you may obtain excessive dryness and redness.

What home remedies can you use safely for eye bags?

Although at-home treatments cannot completely remove your eye bags some natural skincare ingredients may improve your skin and decrease the swelling and puffiness below your eyes. Here are some natural home remedies that you can use as eye mask without worrying that they may damage your skin.

  • Cold compresses and ice packs. It is a simple and commonly used natural treatment for dark eye circles. The cold temperature has the ability to constrict the blood vessels and minimize eye puffiness and dark eye circles. You can apply anything cold over your eyes and leave it for 10-15 minutes.
  • Cucumber slices. Cucumbers have been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties which is why they can improve the swollen skin below the eyes. You can use cold slices for maximum effect.
  • Coconut oil. This natural product is rich in antioxidants that can be effective in reducing puffiness and improving the appearance of dark circles. Coconut oil can be used as an eye mask.
  • Almond oil. This oil may be beneficial for your under-eye area as it has powerful anti-inflammatory property. Moreover, Almond oil is a rich source of vitamin K and vitamin E. The regular application of the ingredient can enhance the appearance of the skin making it smoother and brighter.
  • Rose water. It is a popular skincare product because it has many benefits including rejuvenating and lightening properties. That is why rose water is a good choice when it comes to dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  • Potatoes. Fresh potato slices contain enzymes that have the power to shrink the blood vessels, therefore, lessen undereye puffiness and inflammation around the eyes. This natural at-home treatment is also helpful for dark circles.

How can you permanently remove eye bags?

Eyelid surgery commonly known as blepharoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that can permanently eliminate eye bags as well as reduce wrinkles and fine lines in the eye area. Through this procedure, extra skin and fat are removed from the lower eyelids so that smooth and flat contour is attained. It is done by small incisions in the inner side of the lower lid.

Lower blepharoplasty is a simple and easy operation and is usually done on an outpatient basis. The recovery is quite fast as most patients feel ready to resume their activity after 10 days. It is possible to have some side effects such as swelling and bruising following this surgery. However, they will go away quickly. When it is handled by well trained plastic surgeon eye bag removal surgery is completely safe.

Final thoughts

The skin surrounding your eyes is extremely thin and delicate so it is not a good idea to experiment with any “magic products” and beauty hacks that you found on the internet. In case you want to get rid of dark circles and eye bags it is best to see a dermatologist or eye doctor who is able to determine your problem and prescribe appropriate treatment. If you have severe bags under the eyes that are not affected by non-invasive procedures your only solution might be a surgical eye bag removal treatment. It is a safe procedure and gives permanent results.