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Bags Under Eyes Men – How Can Men Get Rid of Eye Bags?

Contrary to what you may think, bags under eyes and men can go together. Eye bags don’t discriminate. They don’t care about gender. So, if you are a man who gets them every now and then, don’t worry, this is totally normal. And although normal, it can be quite annoying and sometimes even disheartening.

Hang out to find out how to eliminate those bags under eyes in men, which is not very different from the health tips you will see in women’s magazines because, after all, we share some similar skin issues as well; it’s not all differences.

What Causes Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles in Men?

The reasons that men get under eye bags are not so different from those of women.

Allergies and puffy eyes

Seasonal allergies are a pain in the neck. Aside from giving you a stuffy nose, they can also make your face swollen and puffy, with a prevalence in the under eye area.

Health conditions

Some health conditions like thyroid disorders can give you eye bags and dark circles. By keeping those in control, you can treat puffiness.

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Sleep affects severely your complexion, leading to bags under the eyes

If you are sleep-deprived, you should not be surprised to wake up with under eye bags. Every time you subject yourself to this torture, your blood vessels will dilate, or widen, which will increase blood circulation in the area. And since the skin under the eyes is relatively thinner, it shows blood vessels more readily. This results in dark circles and under eye puffiness.

Tobacco use

One way in which smoking can facilitate fluids collecting under your eyes is by disrupting sleep patterns. Not only that, it affects elasticity and ameliorates the state of your skin. Nicotine harms your overall health, so it’s best if you stay away from it.

Alcohol results in dilation in small blood vessels under the eyes

One of the supposed culprits of under eye puffiness in men is having one too many, as recent research has demonstrated alcohol use is more prevalent in adult men than in women, the CDC reports. [1] If you can relate, perhaps you should cut down on some beverages and choose wisely your liquid consumption. Over time, you will notice a dramatic difference in your baggy eyes and your skin as a whole.

Too much salt can be the culprit behind the bags under your eyes

Salt is an amazing condiment to a lot of meals but when you go overboard with it, it causes fluid retention. During sleep, gravity takes it from there and fluid accumulates under the eyes, giving you that puffy look.

Methods to Treat Under Eye Bags at Home

Stop smoking. There is no need to explain how important it is to cut down on tobacco products if you don’t have the motivation to stop smoking altogether.

Fix your diet. For starters, watch your salty foods intake. Salt is great for the body as long as it is used in moderate amounts but if you overdo it, it will make you retain water. Add more veggies and fruits to your daily meals. Also, remember to drink enough water.

Add a cool compress over your peepers. It should be said this home remedy is easy to use. As you know, cold helps with swelling as it can shrink blood vessels, whether it is cold water or something of that sort. So, get some cotton pads, soak them in water and leave them in the fridge for 5 minutes. As you take them out, you might want to cover them in a wash cloth that direct contact with the skin is avoided. Apply them over your eyes for several minutes and they will reduce the swelling in your under eye area. Tea bags and cucumbers work too. Whatever you have at hand. Please note that if you need to rinse your face after that, don’t use hot water because it will dry your skin. Go for lukewarm water instead.

Get more sleep to shoo those puffy eyes. Sleep is essential for the entire body. It’s what keeps you functioning. So, it should be your priority to get enough sleep for the sake of your health. As an added bonus, you can also battle bags under your eyes. Lack of sleep not only affects your appearance but also your mental and physical condition.

Apply cold tea bags to your eyes. If you enjoy an occasional cup of tea, do not get rid of the tea bags right away. Instead, throw them in the fridge and let them cool. Then, take them out and apply them to your eyes, making sure you cover that undereye area. This will tame your expanded blood vessels. As you can see, you can not only drink tea but also use the remaining tea bag for swelling and dark circles in the eye area.

Add an extra pillow at night. Sleeping with your head slightly raised helps prevent fluid retention under your eyes. Mind you that going for a couple of pillows may cause neck pain, so if you already have a problem with that, it may not be a good idea to apply this piece of advice.

Avoid allergens to improve your health and appearance. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, talk to a medical professional on the steps you can take to lower your reaction to allergens. You may be put on a treatment and encouraged to keep away from certain ingredients in cosmetics, soaps, and hair dyes.

Get some eye cream that can reduce puffiness around the skin under your eyes. There is a wide selection of eye creams, both for the day and night, so it can be confusing to navigate through this stuff. If you aren’t sure what to get for your skin, consult a store clerk or a doctor to help you out.

Can Men Use Women’s Eye Cream?

Man using under eye cream

Yes and no. While there is no harm in using women’s eye creams, it’s not necessarily going to be beneficial for your skin needs. This is because men and women have different skin. Men’s is much thicker due to the presence of hair and it’s usually abundant in oils that these follicles secrete.

Plus, men do not go through hormonal changes in a fashion similar to women’s (although some doctors do believe that men have monthly cycles). With that said, the natural ageing process for men shows much later in life. Still, that doesn’t make them less susceptible to getting under-eye bags, dry skin, or sagging skin.

It is important to know your skin and take care of it using the products that best suit its needs. For example, you may not need exfoliants because shaving takes care of that.

What you do need is a good moisturizer and sunscreen. You can also throw in a vitamin C serum to the pack. But be careful with it because it can make your skin photosensitive (sensitive to the UV rays from the sun). Don’t forget to moisturize the skin under your eyes.

Cosmetic Procedures for Bags Under Eyes

Here are some cosmetic medical treatments that can get rid of eye bags.

Chemical peels

Chemical peel therapy is essentially a concoction of various chemicals that are used in different concentrations to combat skin issues. They will eliminate damaged parts of the epidermis. What uncovers from underneath is a healthy, youthful-looking layer of skin.


For patients who are not dealing with some extra fats in the under-eye region, dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid may be the perfect therapy. It is used to fill sunken areas and by adding volume in the right places, it can make bags under the eyes less visible. The treatment does not require numbing cream and is delivered in less than an hour.

Radiofrequency (RF)

Radiofrequency treatment sends radiofrequency waves into the skin and it can be paired with microneedling for better results. It works on the principle of controlled injury. As it destroys skin cells, it contributes to wound healing, which creates new healthy skin cells. No pain medications are required. The skin is prepped with a desensitizing cream.


Microneedling, or skin needling, is a method that repeatedly pricks the skin with small needles to induce collagen production. Dermatologists resort to it to treat various conditions one of which is under eye bags. The treatment can work for mild cases. It takes 30 minutes to perform and numbing cream may be applied beforehand to ensure the patient is free of pain.

Laser resurfacing

Laser treatment has long been used for various skin conditions and it can work for mild to moderate eye bags if used the right way. There is a variety of machines and settings out there. An experienced doctor will carefully evaluate your skin in order to determine what approach is best for you.

The procedure entails passing a handheld device over the skin that emits laser beams (heat and light) at an angle. When they hit the skin, they cause tiny tears. As well as that, thermal contraction and collagen induction occur. There is a thermal element not present in microneedling that enhances the treatment and therefore the results. It usually takes more than one session performed at an interval of 40 days to see results.


Oftentimes lasers should be performed in conjunction with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), extracted from one’s own blood. It contains wood-healing growth factors that tend to induce collagen build-up. It is injected back into the skin to help it heal and re-build. This is something that can be done over and over as opposed to lasers alone which should not be overdone.

Lower blepharoplasty

While the above aesthetic treatments are minimally invasive, blepharoplasty is a surgical outpatient procedure that necessitates anesthesia and careful pre-planning. This step is usually recommended for severe eye bags that do not respond to other treatments and especially when the patients has an excess of fats under the eyes.

The procedure is carried out by a surgeon who makes an incision into the skin and removes fat cells, muscle and other tissue as necessary.

This medical treatment is suitable for people with genetic eye bags since they won’t respond well to at-home remedies.